If the worst happens and you lose Internet connection, 45G offers quick install, advanced 4G LTE Internet and WiFi systems, designed specifically to be part of your Business Continuity solution.

Our systems are scalable to meet the demands of SME businesses from 2 – 200 staff and can support both wired and WiFi client devices.

Advanced antenna technology ensures a fast reliable connection even in locations where mobile signal is weak and off the shelf systems fail. This benefit extends to WiFi calling on mobile phones.

If required, connectivity can be extended beyond the main office via our rapid deploy network cables and wireless bridge links.

Our neat unit is smaller than an A4 box of paper and can sit on a desk or windowsill. It is operated by one simple switch.

Rapid response on-site installation starts from just £295, with the on-going service costing as little as £50 a day.

In addition to Business Continuity services, 45G offers a range of connectivity solutions for SME businesses including:

  • Wireless and Wired networks
  • Wireless Bridge links – connecting buildings
  • Multi-WAN port routers – robust connectivity
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies – keep working when mains power fails

45G prides itself on delivering high quality solutions, to ensure you stay connected. We have a reputation for outstanding customer service and very competitive prices.