We are aware that sometimes a project calls for something completely new. 45G have undertaken many commissions that require us to use our expertise to develop solutions. Some examples of these projects are:

Proof of Concept Systems Intergration  

Body-worn Solution for Bridge Inspection

A client came to us with a request for a light weight, economical, body-worn inspection solution.  We were able to develop a flexible harness that enabled the engineers to inspect the bridge whilst colleagues in the control centre were able to receive live footage and communicate two ways with the engineers.  Saving the customer a great deal of time and money.

Intergrated Systems Development

Customers often want connectivity in the most remote inhospitable of places.  45G’s ability to use a combination of technologies and power sources ensure they are always connected.

Solar and wind technology bringing power to the remotest of sites.

Promotions and Events

A regular client needs additional fail safe support for its promotions and events, requiring our services at the most star studied occasions. We are able to provide remote internet at festivals, gigs and movie premieres to name a few.

Applied Technology for Wildlife Conservation & Research

WiFi system at Crocs of the World

Wireless camera technology helping Rhino conservation